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Why Am I Here

I'm here because, "the Creator of this massive, incomprehensible universe, the God who simply breathed, spoke, and willed entire galaxies into existence, chose to create me. I don't just 'happen' to be here, and neither do you. We're here because God created us, out of his love"

- Fr. John Riccardo

You were chosen to be right here, right now. It was God's intention for you to exist at this exact moment... because He wanted you too! No matter what's happening around you at the moment, take a deep breath as you let that sink in. His love for you is so strong that you came into existence. And that love never fades, no matter what.

And if you don't believe that last part, consider this... He loves the evil one enough to allow him to continue to exist too, even after the deceiver rebuked God and actively prowls about the world seeking to devour souls. Mercy and love like no other!

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