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Hello. My name is...

How did you meet your best friend? How did they become your best friend? I bet the answer to the second question is by spending time together. The last 2 words are the most important.

So why do we think it's any different with our relationship with Jesus Christ? How much time are we really spending with Him? Not enough in my case. At least not consistently. How can I expect to have a good relationship with Him if all He gets is just a couple of hours a week? That's not the recipe of a great relationship. And it's not how I treated my best friends while growing up.

Perhaps it's because we don't recognize the fact we can even have a relationship with our Lord and savior. We can't see Him the same way we see our friends. We say things like: He's too busy to be with me every minute of the day. He doesn't even know I exist. If you only knew what I've done, you'd know He couldn't possibly love me. Maybe you question His existence at all.

For a moment, I ask you to suspend all those thoughts and please say this out loud, preferably while looking in a mirror... The Lord loves (say your name), and cherishes (his/her) friendship. Say it again, slower. Say it a third time. Just keep repeating until it brings a smile to your face.

It's true! He loves us all! If you doubt that, consider the life of Saul, who became Paul. Essentially the Hitler of his time, yet God chose him! He chooses you too! If you don't think you have (or can have) a relationship with Him, I highly recommend finding an Alpha course near you. It's not a 'Catholic' thing or a 'Protestant' thing... it's a 'meet Christ where you are' thing. Do yourself a favor and invite someone with you too.

Our parish, St. Andrew's Catholic Church, in Moore, is beginning our next Alpha course next Wednesday, 5 Sept, at 6:45 PM in our Parish Hall. The sessions start with a hot meal and fellowship, followed by a 30ish minute video. Then we spend about 30 minutes in small groups discussing (not necessarily answering) questions related to the video. It's a tremendous opportunity to be introduced to Jesus Christ (or re-introduced as the case may be)!

I invite you to come and join us! There is no requirement or expectation that you join the church, or that you even have to finish the series. Though, if you commit to at least 3 sessions, I believe you'll stay to the end! It's just what happens when you begin to get to know the best friend you will EVER have!

I hope to see you there. Here's a link to sign up:

Loving Father,

Thank you for loving us, flaws and all. Thank you for the mercy you demonstrated by giving us your Son as a friend and savior. Soften our hearts so we can open ourselves to develop a deep and loving relationship with you through your Son and the Holy Spirit. Draw us to your loving embrace.

I ask this through the loving name of Jesus,


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