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Are you a planner?

Do you have a plan for retirement? Are you planning for a new vehicle? House? Or maybe a new job?

Here's a question posed in a fantastic book, "Heaven Starts Now: Becoming A Saint Day By Day", written by Fr. John Riccardo, pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, MI. "Do you, right now, have a plan, and are you working at it, so that one day you will become a saint?"

Do you think someone, someday in the future, will want to model their life after you? Or maybe, "...make a painting or statue of you because of the way you lived your life?"

Are we missing the whole point of life if our goal is not sainthood?

Each new day is an opportunity for us to move toward sainthood. How often do we actually take advantage of the opportunities? I don't near as often as I should. In fact, I have to admit I'm pretty lazy in that regard.

Dear loving Father, I so desire to be an instrument of your Love, but I am lazy and a procrastinator. I open myself to you. Help me to accept and use the graces you give me everyday so this laziness and procrastination is forced out of my life. Take my hand Lord and make me a better husband and father.

I thank you for hearing me Lord. All praise and glory are yours now and forever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...


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