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Set the bar high!

Incredibly good and challenging book.

Complete abandonment to God...

100% surrender...

What does that look like?

Here's a glimpse from within the pages of Wilfrid Stinissen's book.

When we simply obeyed God's will, it "... was an object that was before us; it illuminated our path. But there comes a time when God's will moves from the front to the back, resulting in the disappearance of the light. I can no longer see where I'm going. God is behind me, and I have only one thing to do: let myself be pushed along."

"God is like a specialist in relaxation who works with the patient's head, turning it different directions. The fact that is causes pain is not the specialist's fault. He does not turn it too far. No, it is because the patient's neck muscles are tense."

Thank you God for loving your stiff-necked son! The bar is set high and I cannot run from the challenge! The gift of your Son gives me the strength to continue the fight for my complete surrender.

#RotherMen #StIgnatius

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