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Becoming A Rother Man

Becoming A Rother Man



Becoming a Rother Man is simply making a choice to live your life devoted to Jesus Christ, your family, your neighbors, and all those around you without reserve, just as Fr. Rother did.  The journey to becoming a Rother Man should start by reading about Blessed Fr. Rother.  We can't think of a better place to start than the book "The Shepherd Who Didn't Run", by María Ruiz Scaperlanda (ISBN: 9781612789156)

After reading about the man, if his life and example speaks to you at your core, consider joining the Rother Men.  It's as simple as reaching out and asking one of us.  We have no specific criteria, however we do advocate making a lifelong commitment to continued learning about your faith.  We highly recommend joining a Small Discipleship Group, which is different than a Bible study.  Discipleship Groups have the objective to water the seed of faith within us so we can grow into the intentional disciples Jesus wants us to be so we can fulfill the great commission.  In other words, we want to become disciples with the purpose of making other disciples.  If there isn't a Small Discipleship Group in your area, invite a few men and we can help you start one.

We don't charge any dues and there are no officers.  We do not have set business meetings, by-laws, or oaths.  We are not affiliated with, nor are we competition for, the Knights of Columbus.  In fact, most of us are at least 1st degree Knights ourselves.  We do support Knight activities and we've been supported by the Knights as well.

We are there for each other.  A family of brothers, helping one another to remain focused on the work of bringing our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else we can get to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ!

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