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About The Rother Men


To be friends of Christ, each other, and other men willing to be friends to all.



To awaken men to discipleship and mission


'The Shepherd Cannot Run'

Blessed Stanley Rother was a humble man, who demonstrated Christ's love and desire for us, through his actions and from his heart.  His life of simple service and evangelization where he was, and with what he had, is a model we have recognized in ourselves and in what we wish to carry forward with our ministry.  

We are Catholic men who desire to follow the simplicity, courage, and love of God and His people for whom Blessed Fr. Stanley Rother lived, and for which he was martyred.  

We are not theologians nor intellectuals, but rather just men who have responded to Christ's call to be His friend.  We strive to abandon ourselves to Christ so we become men after God's own heart.  We desire to lead, as Father Rother did, through our actions, whether in our family life, at work, or in our communities, and with whatever charisms we possess because we have come to understand, as shepherds to those around us, 'The Shepherd Cannot Run'.

We seek to use our God given skills, strengths, and charisms in our everyday lives as Fr. Rother did for the indigenous people (the Tz'utujil) of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  

We long to find our voice, as Father Rother found his, less with our intellects than with our hearts.

We intend to be messengers who proclaim God's joyful Good News, awakening men to discipleship and mission! 


We are shepherds, who inspired by Pope Francis, seek to have the smell of the sheep. And inspired by our patron,  who said "the shepherd cannot run",  neither will we.



… Simple

He grew up a farm boy in Okarche, Oklahoma.  His skills were in his hands.  Physical labor and service were the core of his evangelization.

... Be Simple

He is just ordinary man trying to join his ordinary life to Christ to experience extraordinary results!

Blessed Fr. Rother was...

A Rother Man will...

… Courageous

He lived his faith boldly, never shrinking in the face of adversity.  This shepherd would not run, even from death.

… Be Courageous

He lives his faith boldly!  He spreads God’s message of love and desire for us wherever he is through his actions and words.  He will not run!

… Loving

He never failed to demonstrate Christ’s love through service to others.

… Be Loving

He strives to reflect the love of Christ to his family, co-workers, strangers, and even his enemies.

… Missionary

He served the Tz’utujil people of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala faithfully to his death.

… Be Missionary

He desires to share God’s good news to his family, in his workplace, and his neighborhood. 

… Skilled

He used his God given skills as a natural outpouring from God.

… Be Skilled

He identifies his natural skills and charisms and places them boldly in the service of others.

… Not silent

He found his voice through his heart.  He could not learn Latin in an academic setting, but learned to read and write the Tz’utujil language purely out of love and compassion for the people he served.  He found his voice and put it to work.

… Find His Voice

He cannot remain silent.  He is not expected to be a theologian, but rather to spread God’s good news through his own life experiences.  He relates the visible signs of Christ’s presence in his own life.

… a Joyful disciple

He found true joy in a life of service to the people of Santiago Atitlan, Gautemala. 

… Be A Joyful Disciple

He understands that joy and happiness are not synonyms.  Joy comes from understanding the powerful way in which Jesus Christ loves him.  Sometimes that is expressed in happiness, other times it is in the struggles.  Joy is found in the solace that Christ is right beside him at all times.

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